Loubna El Mansouri

Loubna El Mansouri is Professor at the School of Geomatic Sciences and Surveying Engineering within the Institute of Agronomy and Veterinary Medicine (IAV) Hassan II, Rabat, Morocco, where she has been since 2004. From 2014 to 2017 she served as Head of Department of Geodetic Sciences. She conducted her Ph.D studies during 2009-2013 at “SURAFCE” Laboratory in the College of Science, University of LIEGE (ULG) in Belgium. From 2010 to 2012 she was a visiting Ph.D. student at “MONTEFIORE” Institute of Computer Science at ULG. She received an engineering degree in Geomatic and Geodetic Sciences from IAV Hassan 2 in 2004 and enrolled as licensed Surveyor. Holds a Doctorate of Sciences in Remote Sensing from the ULG in 2013. Her research interests cover both digital image processing and remote sensing. Much of her work has been on improving application of matching learning technique in land use/ land cover data producing for territory management, more over in agriculture and forest domain. Professor Elmansouri published more than 30 papers, coordinator of many R&D projects, and co-advisor of Doctorate studies.


Geospatial Technologies for Effective Land Governance
Moha El-Ayachi, Loubna El Mansouri. © 2019. 302 pages.
Land, as a fundamental resource in regional development, provides major opportunities for farming, housing, urban planning, and financing. In order to meet the requirements of...
Time Series Multispectral Images Processing for Crops and Forest Mapping: Two Moroccan Cases
Loubna El Mansouri, Said Lahssini, Rachid Hadria, Nadia Eddaif, Tarik Benabdelouahab, Asmae Dakir. © 2019. 24 pages.
This chapter highlights time series image processing for accurate agriculture characterization through two Moroccan experiences. The first case aims at crop mapping. A new...
Geospatial Technics, Modelling, Meteorological, and Ground Data for Crop Management in Semi-Arid Zones of Morocco
Rachid Hadria, Loubna El Mansouri, Tarik Benabdelouhab, Pietro Ceccato. © 2019. 17 pages.
Recent geospatial technologies offer an infinite number of opportunities in the domain of land management and governance. This is due principally to the fact that new satellites...
Forest Inventory: Assessing Forest Resources for Sustaining Their Management – Contribution of Geospatial Technologies
Said Lahssini, Loubna El Mansouri, Hicham Mharzi Alaoui, Said Moukrim. © 2019. 20 pages.
Forest resources management requires a variety of information related to social systems and to land and its supported resources and their dynamics (land cover, forest stocking...