Louise MacKay

Louise Mackay is a research fellow in the School of Geography at the University of Leeds. Since 2003 she has worked on the JISC Digital Libraries in Support of Innovative Approaches to Teaching and Learning in Geography project as a learning materials developer and tutor of online materials in Earth Observation to Physical Geography undergraduates. From 2003 to 2006 Louise lived in Tokyo, Japan, whilst delivering online materials to students at the University of Leeds, a unique experience which provided considerable insight to the nature of online teaching and learning. Her academic research focuses on land cover extraction and analysis from high spatial resolution Earth observation data, supported by over 8 years experience in spatial analysis, geographical information systems and image processing. Louise has an undergraduate degree in Geography, a Masters degree in Applied Remote Sensing and a PhD in Earth Observation; throughout her career she has developed and delivered material for undergraduate, postgraduate and industrial consultancy teaching in GIS and Earth Observation. For this book her experience of developing and delivering online materials, evaluation of online teaching and the introduction of digital repository use as a means to collect materials for storage and appropriation provides the background material to several chapters.


E-Learning for Geographers: Online Materials, Resources, and Repositories
Philip Rees, Louise MacKay, David Martin, Helen Durham. © 2009. 364 pages.
Technological advances have created the ability to put lectures, tutorials, and student activities online for academic instructors. However, for most teachers, especially those...
Developing E-Learning in Geography
Philip Rees, Louise Mackay, David Martin, Gráinne Conole, Hugh Davis. © 2009. 19 pages.
Technologies offer a range of tantalizing potentials for education—in terms of providing access to media- rich context and for students to visualize and interact with learning...
Earth Observation: Conveying the Principles to Physical Geography Students
Louise Mackay, Samuel Leung, E. J. Milton. © 2009. 23 pages.
In our experience of earth observation (EO) online learning we highlight the usefulness of the World Wide Web in terms of its software, functionality, and user accessibility for...
Evaluating the Geography E-Learning Materials and Activities: Student and Staff Perspectives
Karen Fill, Louise Mackay. © 2009. 14 pages.
This chapter is concerned with the evaluation of learning materials and activities developed as part of the DialogPLUS project. A range of evaluation activities was undertaken...
Reflections, Lessons Learnt, and Conclusions
Louise Mackay, David Martin, Philip Rees, Helen Durham. © 2009. 8 pages.
In this book we have illustrated the materials, software, and experience of developing and delivering geography e-learning courses and learning activities. In this chapter we...