Luis Ferreira

Luís Ferreira, is currently a lecturer in the Hight School of Technology at the Polytechnic Institute of Cavado and Ave, Portugal. He holds a Dipl. in the field of Mathematics and Computer Science, an M.Sci. in the field of Distributed Systems, Computer Architecture, Communication and Networks. Integration of Information Systems and Architectures and Cloud services are his main research areas. Professionally he developed and coordinated several projects on enterprises reconfiguration and integration as CTO of Sidereus Company. He coordinated the IPCA’s eU project, Portuguese wireless platform for Academic Campus, and was pivot for IPCA’s VOIP project. Academically, was member of INESC Porto research team, actually is a research member of IPCA 2Ai – Artificial Intelligence Laboratory, heads the Master’s Degree in Computer Engineering and teaches subjects of Computer Sciences, Software Engineering, Information Systems and Architectures, to undergraduate and pos-graduate studies.


Technological Developments in Industry 4.0 for Business Applications
Luis Ferreira, Nuno Lopes, Joaquim Silva, Goran D Putnik, Maria Manuela Cruz-Cunha, Paulo Silva Ávila. © 2019. 451 pages.
One of the most important issues businesses face is how to adapt to changing operational and administrative processes. Globalization and high competition highlight the importance...