M. Holzer

Marc Holzer, Dean of the Rutgers School of Public Affairs and Administration, is a leading expert in performance measurement, public management, and e-governance. He is the founder and director of the National Center for Public Performance, a research and public service organization devoted to improving performance in the public sector. He also developed the E-Governance Institute, created to explore the on-going impact of the Internet and other information technologies on the productivity and performance of the public sector, and how e-government fosters new and deeper citizen involvement within the governing process. His recent publications include Performance Measurement; Citizen-Driven Government Performance; the Public Productivity Handbook; Restoring Trust in Government: The Potential of Digital Citizen Participation, and Building Good Governance: Reforms in Seoul. He has published well over one hundred books, monographs, chapters, and articles. He is a Fellow of the National Academy of Public Administration and of the World Academy of Productivity Science.


Digital Government Online Education for Public Managers
M. Holzer. © 2007. 4 pages.
The opportunities that arise from the practice of digital government continue to increase. Public managers responsible for adopting and implementing such new practices will be...