Mahbubur Rahman Syed

Mahbubur Rahman Syed is currently a professor of information systems and technology at Minnesota State University (Mankato, USA). He has about 25 years of experience in teaching, in industry, in research and in academic leadership in the field of computer science, engineering, information technology and systems. Earlier he worked in the Electrical and Computer Engineering Department at the North Dakota State University (USA) in the School of Computing and Information Technology, Monash University (Australia), in the Department of Computer Science and Engineering in Bangladesh University of Engineering and Technology (Bangladesh) and Ganz Electric Works (Hungary). He was a founding member of the Department of Computer Science and Engineering at BUET and served as Head of the Department during 1986-1992. He served as the General Secretary of Bangladesh Computer Society and also as the General Secretary of BUET Teacher's Association. He received the UNESCO/ROSTSCA' 85 award for South and Central Asia region in the field of informatics and computer applications in scientific research. He won several other awards. He has co-edited several books in the area of e-commerce, software agents, multimedia systems and networking. He guest edited the 2001 fall issue of IEEE multimedia. He has more than 100 papers published in journals and conference proceedings. He has been serving in different roles such as co-editor-in chief, associate editor, editorial review committee, member of several international journals. Dr. Syed has been involved in international professional activities including organizing conferences and serving as conference and program committee chair.


Network Security, Administration and Management: Advancing Technology and Practice
Dulal Chandra Kar, Mahbubur Rahman Syed. © 2011. 384 pages.
The explosive growth and deployment of networking technology poses many security challenges to networking professionals including network administrators and information systems...
Technologies Shaping Instruction and Distance Education: New Studies and Utilizations
Mahbubur Rahman Syed. © 2010. 382 pages.
Technology has defined and continues to redefine education, particularly in the realm of distance education where tools for virtual collaboration are critical to successful...
Handbook of Research on Modern Systems Analysis and Design Technologies and Applications
Mahbubur Rahman Syed, Sharifun Nessa Syed. © 2009. 698 pages.
Due to unawareness of the development cycle of systems from its conceptualization to implementation, almost half of corporate IS projects are delayed or abandoned before...
Methods and Applications for Advancing Distance Education Technologies: International Issues and Solutions
Mahbubur Rahman Syed. © 2009. 434 pages.
The emerging field of advanced distance education delivers academic courses across time and distance, allowing educators and students to participate in a convenient learning...
Strategic Applications of Distance Learning Technologies
Mahbubur Rahman Syed. © 2009. 354 pages.
Distance learning technologies have reshaped the diffusion of communication within the educational system. Within this expanding field, the possibilities for an interactive...
Multimedia Technologies: Concepts, Methodologies, Tools, and Applications
Mahbubur Rahman Syed. © 2008. 1966 pages.
Multimedia Technologies: Concepts, Methodologies, Tools, and Applications offers an in-depth explanation of multimedia technologies within their specific application areas as...
Advances in Distance Education Technologies
Mahbubur Rahman Syed. 2007.
The Advances in Distance Education Technologies (ADET) Book Series is a forum for researchers and practitioners to disseminate practical solutions to the automation of open and...
Network Intrusion Tracking for DoS Attacks
Mahbubur R. Syed, Mohammad M. Nur, Robert J. Bignall. © 2005. 8 pages.
In recent years the Internet has become the most popular and useful medium for information interchange due to its wide availability, flexibility, universal standards, and...
Text-to-Speech Synthesis
Mahbubur R. Syed, Shuvro Chakrobartty, Robert J. Bignall. © 2005. 7 pages.
Speech synthesis is the process of producing natural-sounding, highly intelligible synthetic speech simulated by a machine in such a way that it sounds as if it was produced by a...
Mahbubur Rahman Syed. © 2002. 3 pages.
This Foreword is included in the book Interactive Multimedia Systems.
Multimedia Networking: Technology, Management and Applications
Mahbubur Rahman Syed. © 2002. 498 pages.
In recent years rapid Internet growth has pushed the development of new multimedia applications in all aspects of life such as entertainment, communication, collaborative work...
A Linguistically Sortable Bengali Coding System and Its Application in Spell Checking: A Case Study of Multilingual Applications
M. Manzur Murshed, Mahbubur Rahman Syed, M. Kaykobad. © 2002. 8 pages.
By developing an inter-scheme text conversion utility, we have established in (Murshed et al., 1998) that use of non-lossy transformation instead of lossy transformation for...
A New Encryption Algorithm for High Throughput Multimedia
Xun Yi, Chik How Tan, Chee Kheong Siew, Mahbubur Rahman Syed. © 2002. 14 pages.
The security of multimedia data is important for multimedia commerce. The encryption algorithms with high security, such as DES and IDEA, may not be suitable for multimedia...
Design and Management of Multimedia Information Systems: Opportunities and Challenges
Mahbubur Rahman Syed. © 2001. 464 pages.
Multimedia technology has the potential to transform end user computing from interactive text and graphics models into something more compatible with the digital and electronic...