Mahmoud Numan Bakkar

Mahmoud Numan BakkarMahmoud Numan Bakkar has a Ph.D. in Information Technology/Computer Engineering and Business Information Systems from RMIT University, Australia. He has a Master’s degree in Information Technology Management from the University of Wollongong (UOW), Australia, and a Bachelor of Computer Engineering, from Jordan University of Science and Technology (JUST), Jordan. He has extensive experience in teaching and training in the UAE and Australia. Furthermore, he taught courses for both undergraduate and postgraduate levels in Australia and the UAE. Also, he has a vast knowledge of business development, management, and leadership. Dr. Mahmoud Bakkar's current research interests include Artificial Intelligence Systems, Industry 4.0 applications, Industry 5.0 applications, Smart city systems and innovations, Cloud Computing; Cybersecurity, IT in Education, Assessment Measurement; Data Mining; Big Data and Business Intelligence Analytics; Cognitive Computing and their application in Business; IT Innovation & Management; Instructional Design, Online Training and Educations, E-Commerce, and Online Business Development.


Advanced Research and Real-World Applications of Industry 5.0
Mahmoud Numan Bakkar, Elspeth McKay. © 2023. 244 pages.
Industry 5.0 is a growing field that has many potential future directions and opportunities for businesses and companies. To ensure society is prepared for this evolving...
Global Trust Registry Plus (GTR +) Connecting G20 Vision With Actions in Industry 5.0 Era: Global Trust Registry Initiative
Reymond Voutier, Mahmoud Numan Bakkar, Guillermo Pivetta. © 2023. 20 pages.
The chapter is based on the white paper distributed to the group of twenty (G20) and other global organizations concerning the global trust registry plus (GTR +) proposals for a...
CyberSecurity Essentials for Industry 5.0
Mahmoud Numan Bakkar. © 2023. 17 pages.
Currently, hacking threats have increased exponentially because of the massive integration of technology into our daily life practices. Hackers are usually known for their...
Personalised Measurement Design: Implementing Industry 5.0
Elspeth McKay, Mahmoud Numan Bakkar. © 2023. 24 pages.
The digital economy is now upon us, providing new customer-centric business models fostered during the digital transformation of Industry 5.0. Social networks, mobile...
Education 5.0 Serving Future Skills for Industry 5.0 Era
Mahmoud Numan Bakkar, Arshia Kaul. © 2023. 18 pages.
This chapter addresses the relationship between Industry 5.0 and Education 5.0, outlines the future skills required for Industry 5.0, and illustrates how these two sectors...
Advances in E-Pedagogy for Online Instruction: Proven Learning Analytics Rasch Item Response Theory
Elspeth McKay, Allaa Barefah, Marlina Mohamad, Mahmoud N. Bakkar. © 2019. 32 pages.
Many people are finding it relatively easy to engage with courseware development and simply upload it to the internet. The trouble with this approach is there are no quality...
Targeted Online Marketing using Social Networking
Mohamed K. Watfa, Nima Najafi, Mahmoud Numan Bakkar. © 2013. 14 pages.
For the past century, companies have had the luxury of deciding what they will produce and sell, what their brand message will be and how they will deliver it to their audience....