Marco Gribaudo

Marco Gribaudo is a senior researcher at the Politecnico di Milano - Italy. He works in the performance evaluation group and his current research interests are multi-formalism modeling, queuing networks, mean-field analysis and spatial models. The main applications to which the previous methodologies are applied come from cloud computing, multi-core architectures, and wireless sensor networks.


Theory and Application of Multi-Formalism Modeling
Marco Gribaudo, Mauro Iacono. © 2014. 314 pages.
With complex systems and complex requirements being a challenge that designers must face to reach quality results, multi-formalism modeling offers tools and methods that allow...
An Introduction to Multiformalism Modeling
Marco Gribaudo, Mauro Iacono. © 2014. 16 pages.
The fundamental need for models in every field of design stems from the absolute and essential necessity for complexity domination. The prediction and verification competence is...