Maria Albertina Raposo

Maria Albertina Raposo is Coordinator Professor at the Polytechnic Institute of Beja, Portugal and researcher at MARE NOVA – Centre of Marine Sciences and Environment. With a degree in zootechnical engineering, she has a master's degree in marine and coastal studies and a PhD in environmental sciences. She has been working in Processes of Active Public Participation and in recent years she has developed her research activity in Education for Development and Education for global citizenship in higher education. Among the current themes of scientific interest, the following stand out: active learning methodologies, education for development and sustainable development, always from the perspective of a transdisciplinary approach.


Teaching and Learning Practices That Promote Sustainable Development and Active Citizenship
Sandra Saúde, Maria Albertina Raposo, Nuno Pereira, Ana Isabel Rodrigues. © 2021. 383 pages.
The profound changes that we are experiencing at the political, environmental, economic, social, and cultural levels of our “postmodern” society pose immense challenges to...