Maria Magdalena Popescu

Maria Popescu is associate Professor at the Carol I National Defence University, in Bucharest, Romania. She has been working closely with the ADL Department within the Carol I NDU and participated in many research projects and initiatives on e-learning and technology-enhanced education. Her research focuses on educational software tools, Open Educational Resources –use and policy, online education, e-pedagogy and eLearning, instructional design , towards a wider implementation of all these within the educational system at large. At present she is involved with the GaLA European Network (Game and Learning Alliance) as task leader in Serious Games metrics and taxonomy.


New Pedagogical Approaches in Game Enhanced Learning: Curriculum Integration
Sara de Freitas, Michela Ott, Maria Magdalena Popescu, Ioana Stanescu. © 2013. 310 pages.
Digital games continue to enable innovative learning in the classroom, however, its implementation into the educational system requires a fundamental approach to achieve its...
Game-Enhanced Learning: Preliminary Thoughts on Curriculum Integration
Michela Ott, Maria Magdalena Popescu, Ioana Andreea Stanescu, Sara de Freitas. © 2013. 19 pages.
This chapter tackles the issue of Serious Games (SGs) curriculum integration approached from different perspectives (different levels, subject areas, instructional contexts...