Maria Antónia Rodrigues

Maria Antónia RodriguesMaria Antónia G. Rodrigues (Ph.D.) is a senior lecturer at the business school of Polytecnic of Porto. She is a director of Bachelor in Marketing, researcher at CEOS P.Porto and SIIS. She has published several papers. Maria Antónia Rodrigues has also a professional experience in business, banking, telecomunications and cars trade.


Sustainable Consumption Experience and Business Models in the Modern World
Maria Amélia Machado Carvalho, Maria Antónia Rodrigues. © 2024. 257 pages.
In the face of escalating environmental degradation and dwindling natural resources, the imperative for sustainable production and consumption has taken center stage, compelling...
Exploring Niche Tourism Business Models, Marketing, and Consumer Experience
Maria Antónia Rodrigues, Maria Amélia Carvalho. © 2023. 397 pages.
The transition from mass tourism to niche tourism has been a slow process. It is clear that mass tourism can damage local culture, authenticity, and resources, and niche tourism...
Impact of Digital Transformation on the Development of New Business Models and Consumer Experience
Maria Antónia Rodrigues, João F. Proença. © 2022. 347 pages.
In a highly competitive market, digital transformation with internet of things, artificial intelligence, and other innovative technological trends are elements of...