Marjan Mernik

Mernik Marjan received his M.Sc., and Ph.D. degrees in computer science from the University of Maribor in 1994 and 1998 respectively. He is currently a professor at the University of Maribor, Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science. He is also a visiting professor at the University of Alabama at Birmingham, Department of Computer and Information Sciences, and at the University of Novi Sad, Faculty of Technical Sciences. His research interests include programming languages, compilers, domain-specific (modeling) languages, grammar-based systems, grammatical inference, and evolutionary computations.


Formal and Practical Aspects of Domain-Specific Languages: Recent Developments
Marjan Mernik. © 2013. 677 pages.
Computer languages are a programmer’s basic tool and they play an essential role in computer science in which they specify computations which need to be performed...
A Domain-Specific Language for High-Level Parallelization
Ritu Arora, Purushotham Bangalore, Marjan Mernik. © 2013. 20 pages.
There are several ongoing research efforts in the High Performance Computing (HPC) domain that are employing Domain-Specific Languages (DSLs) as the means of...
Implementation of Programming Languages Syntax and Semantics
Xiaoqing Wu, Marjan Mernik, Barrett R. Bryant, Jeff Gray. © 2009. 7 pages.
Unlike natural languages, programming languages are strictly stylized entities created to facilitate human communication with computers. In order to make...