Martha Ann Davis McGaw

Martha Ann Davis McGaw, of the Davis-McGaw Family Foundation, has a M. Ed. with a focus on HR Education; Community College Teaching and Learning; a B.A. (psychology). The Davis McGaw Family Foundation was established as a commitment to the development of an equitable, affordable, diverse educational system in the U. S. A., promoting economic stability for all. Davis McGaw's focus on equity in education, placing learners, K-16, at the core of every educational policy, initiative and institution. Her current research centers on the teacher/learner experience of the classroom. Her work is informed through her experiences as a public educator promoting informal education initiatives while a direct services counselor; Director of Teen Services & Interim Unit Director of a Boys and Girls Club; a parent of seven children educated in eight different nations. Currently on the advisory boards of IWS, Inc, a breast cancer support for underserved communities and Peach State Opera. Ms. Davis McGaw has 8 years as a PCADV certified Domestic Violence and Sexual Assault Counselor; 3 years as an Olweus' certified Bullying Prevention Counselor; 12 years in retail management.


Professional Content Knowledge: Increasing Instructional Quality
Martha Ann Davis McGaw. © 2024. 15 pages.
Effective teaching is a delicate balance of deep content knowledge and adept pedagogical skills. Pedagogical content knowledge (PCK), introduced by Shulman in 1987 captures the...
Promoting Partnership Themes Among Elementary School Stakeholders
Martha Ann Davis McGaw. © 2022. 19 pages.
This chapter makes the case that by knowing what the desired result is required of a K-16 education for learners to participate in gainful employment, we can deliver appropriate...
Participatory Pedagogy: Emerging Research and Opportunities
Martha Ann Davis McGaw, Simone McGaw Evans. © 2021. 156 pages.
The metrics presently being used to gauge student success have become outdated and irrelevant. Enrollment, persistence, and degree attainment are secondary measures, missing...
Designing Schools as Learning Centers
Martha Ann Davis McGaw. © 2021. 18 pages.
There are several variables that need to be considered when rethinking education delivery for the 21st century. Designing schools as learning centers is more than just about...
Communities of Practice: An Ecosystem-Based Philosophy of Harmony in Education
Martha Ann Davis McGaw. © 2019. 20 pages.
Despite continued efforts of educational professionals to develop a quality, meaningful classroom experience for teachers and students, relevant to employability, there still...
The Growth of Learning Colleges Including a Case Study from 2008 Revisited in 2015
Martha Ann Davis McGaw. © 2016. 25 pages.
In 1981, the National Commission on Excellence in Education identified “widespread public perception that something is seriously remiss in our educational system” (Fiske, 2008)....