Martin Diehl

Martin Diehl is currently a payment system analyst with the Deutsche Bundesbank. His analysis covers mainly TARGET2 and related issues. He is particularly interested in simulations, liquidity efficiency issues and topology of the payment system network. He is a trained economist (Diplom-Volkswirt and M.A. econ.) and philosopher and got his PH.D. from University Gießen, Germany. He joined Deutsche Bundesbank in 1998 as an economist. After five years as head of the speech writing group for the president he was seconded to the embassy in Beijing, serving as a representative of Deutsche Bundesbank to China. In 2008, he joined the department for payment and settlement systems in Deutsche Bundesbank.


Analyzing the Economics of Financial Market Infrastructures
Martin Diehl, Biliana Alexandrova-Kabadjova, Richard Heuver, Serafín Martínez-Jaramillo. © 2016. 410 pages.
The prosperity and stability of any economic structure is reliant upon a foundation of secure systems that regulate the movement of money across the globe. These...
Financial Market Infrastructures: The Backbone of Financial Systems
Martin Diehl. © 2016. 19 pages.
Like a human being's backbone, well-functioning financial market infrastructures contribute to the stability of the financial system. They enable fast and...
The Use of Simulations as an Analytical Tool for Payment Systems
Martin Diehl. © 2013. 17 pages.
Simulations are among the analytical tools in payment systems analysis. They can be used to overcome epistemological weaknesses of models and calibrations, and...