Mary P. Galea

Mary Galea, BAppSc (Physio), BA, PhD, is Professorial Fellow in the Department of Medicine (Royal Melbourne Hospital) at the University of Melbourne. She was previously Foundation Professor of Clinical Physiotherapy at the University of Melbourne and Director of the Rehabilitation Sciences Research Centre at Austin Health. She is a physiotherapist and neuroscientist whose research program includes both laboratory-based and clinical projects with the overall theme of control of voluntary movement by the brain, and factors that promote recovery following nervous system damage. Most recently, she has been the lead investigator on a large multi-site program of research, SCIPA (Spinal Cord Injury and Physical Activity), investigating the effects of exercise after spinal cord injury from acute care to the community.


Improving Health Management through Clinical Decision Support Systems
Jane D. Moon, Mary P. Galea. © 2016. 425 pages.
In an effort to combat human error in the medical field, medical professionals continue to seek the best practices and technology applications for the diagnosis, treatment, and...