Mary Ann Markey

Dr. Mary Ann Markey is an Adjunct Professor at Grand Canyon University with a PhD in Conflict and Crisis Management and a Master’s Degree in Psychology. Over the course of her professional career, her research, presentation and publishing topics have included: intra-family homicide, revenge, violence, aggression, domestic violence, torture, school and workplace shooters, and mass shootings at social venues (movie theaters, music concerts, etc.). In addition, Dr. Markey has devoted much of her professional and private life to the concept of Biophilia, and copyrighted her first Theory of Biophilia in November of 2016 with the U.S. Copyright Office in Washington, D.C. Dr. Markey co-hosted the 1st International Conference on Biophilia in June 2018 in Waterford, Ireland, and is initiating efforts to ensure that these Biophilia conferences remain an annual event. She recently launched her own conference organizing, consulting and publishing business which is called GEM Conferences, LLC and located on the west coast of Florida. These conferences are unique because they are based upon a European model that encompasses the theoretical and practical applications of the designated topic.


Examining Biophilia and Societal Indifference to Environmental Protection
Mary Ann Markey, Lonny Douglas Meinecke. © 2021. 279 pages.
The theory of biophilia posits that there is an innate connection between all the species that share Earth’s biosphere and that this connection is inherently collaborative as...
Mitigating Mass Violence and Managing Threats in Contemporary Society
Gordon A. Crews, Mary Ann Markey, Selina E.M. Kerr. © 2021. 396 pages.
In a decade that has seen the rise of far-right extremism, Western countries still face myriad threats of mass violence, including terrorism. Of particular concern is the...
Wired for War: When the Only Winning Move Is Not to Play
Mary Ann Markey. © 2021. 12 pages.
While the motivations for waging war may not have changed significantly over time, the strategies and methodologies employed by humans that may have resulted in genocide and...
Exploring the Phenomenon of Mass Murder in Public Places
Selina E.M. Kerr, Mary Ann Markey. © 2020. 34 pages.
In 2017, fifty-eight individuals attending an outdoor music festival in Las Vegas were shot and killed, whilst hundreds more were injured. In this chapter, the authors explore...
A Threat Assessment Model for Posts in The Online Sphere
Selina E.M. Kerr, Mary Ann O'Grady. © 2019. 14 pages.
Since it has been suggested that social media offers an unprecedented view into the mindset of “persons of concern” with regards to mass shooters, this research study focuses on...