Mauricio Garita

Mauricio Garita is a researcher at the Universidad del Valle de Guatemala. He has a PhD from the Universidad Pontificia de Salamanca in sociology and politics and an MS from Manchester Business School in International Business and Management. His research centers on economic policy and its impact on the business environment. As a consequence he has developed research concerning economic growth and equality, business and politics and the impact of economic and political issues on the financial aspects of companies. He has worked with the private sector of Guatemala, the Secretariat for Economic Integration, the World Bank and the Central American Institute of Fiscal Studies.


Economic Growth in Latin America and the Impact of the Global Financial Crisis
Mauricio Garita, Celso Fernando Cerezo Bregni. © 2018. 240 pages.
As the global financial crisis has touched the entire world, it is important for entrepreneurs, government officials, and researchers to reflect on its long-lasting effects to...
Taxation and Elites in Central America: A Historical Approach
Mauricio Garita. © 2018. 19 pages.
The discussion of taxes in Central America has been based in economic and social crises. Because of these efforts, it is imperative to understand the history in order to...
The Negotiation and Effects of Fiscal Privileges in Guatemala
Mauricio Garita. © 2018. 19 pages.
The present chapter analyzes fiscal privileges in Guatemala from a taxation point of view, identifying the cost that they incur through the tax expenditure methodology. The...
Business Development Opportunities and Market Entry Challenges in Latin America
Mauricio Garita, Jose Godinez. © 2016. 352 pages.
Latin America has long held an important role in international economics and continues to attract attention as the region faces restructuration and implements new business...