Maxwell Constantine Chando Musingafi

Maxwell Musingafi is Professor of Public Policy & Governance in the Department of Development Studies at the National University of Lesotho with lectureship experience at tertiary institutions stretching back to 2003 (Gweru polytechnic, Zimbabwe Open University, Great Zimbabwe University, University of Eswatini and the National University of Lesotho). He is chairperson of the GBV committee; member of the Conferences Committee; Humanities Journal Resuscitation Committee; Executive Board Member of the Faculty of Humanities; and Senator at the National University of Lesotho. Maxwell is External Examiner (GZU; MSU); Peer Reviewer/Thought Leader (Zimbabwe Council of Higher Education); Consultant-Devolution Implementation (Gvnt of Zim), Editorial Board Member (Uneswa Journal of Education); 2022 Lesotho Voluntary National Reviewer for SDG5 (UNDP); Country Reviewer for Zimbabwe (Global Integrity); and Member (International Society for Development & Sustainability). Professor Musingafi is a novelist and researcher in gender, conflict, peace, governance and water studies with a track record of more than 300 published works.


African Womanhood and the Feminist Agenda
Maxwell Constantine Chando Musingafi, Chipo Hungwe. © 2024. 280 pages.
Within academic circles, there is a longstanding issue concerning the portrayal and understanding of African womanhood. Frequently, these narratives are crafted by outsiders...
Overview of Feminist Perspectives on Sex and Gender
Racheal Mafumbate, Thandi Fredah Khumalo, Maxwell Constantine Chando Musingafi. © 2024. 20 pages.
This chapter is an overview of feminist debates on sex and gender. The chapter distinguishes between sex and gender; examines the biological determinism perspective on feminism;...
Decolonial and Post-Colonial Theories of Feminism in Africa
Tsitsi Mhike Musingafi, Maxwell Constantine Chando Musingafi. © 2024. 16 pages.
This chapter focuses on decolonial and post- colonial theories of feminism. These feminist theories constitute related branches of feminist theories that developed as a response...
Indigenous Afro-Feminist Theories in Africa
Maxwell Constantine Chando Musingafi, Pascalinah Morongoenyane Mokhothu. © 2024. 17 pages.
This chapter presents indigenous Afro-feminist theories routed in African histories and cultures, largely based on the unhu philosophy including womanism, motherism, stiwanism...
Feminist Policies and Practices in Africa
Neo Jeanett Ts'ehlo, Maxwell Constantine Chando Musingafi. © 2024. 21 pages.
In this chapter a survey of some gender and feminist policies and practices affecting women in Africa is provided. The chapter is a survey of how both the world and Africa have...
Women Empowerment and the Feminist Agenda in Africa
Maxwell Constantine Chando Musingafi, Chipo Hungwe. © 2023. 356 pages.
This book argues that African women's lived experiences are often spoken about authoritatively by people who are not included within this demographic, relegating these women...
Conceptualising Feminism in Africa
Maxwell Constantine Chando Musingafi. © 2023. 19 pages.
This chapter argues that feminism in Africa is anchored on a different worldview from mainstream feminism in the West. Where Western feminism sees men as the enemy and oppressors...
African Women Through Western Eyes
Maxwell Constantine Chando Musingafi, Pascalinah Morongoenyane Mokhothu. © 2023. 20 pages.
This chapter discusses Western perspectives on women of African descent. Western scholarship has tended to be patronising and essentialising in the manner it depicts women from...
African Feminist Perspectives on African Culture
Pascalinah Morongoenyane Mokhothu, Maxwell Constantine Chando Musingafi. © 2023. 16 pages.
This chapter explores the concept of culture and how it is viewed in relation to feminism in Africa. The chapter starts by discussing the concept of culture, the status of women...