Mayumi Hieda

Mayumi Hieda MA is Clinical Psychologist, St. Luke Clinic, Oita, Japan. From 2008 to 2012 she was the inaugural clinical psychologist at Mukai hospital in Beppu. She supported many various patients who suffered from schizophrenia, depression, personality disorder, developmental disorder and dementia and so on, at all age levels. She was also a member of the Mukai Hospital Ethics Committee. From May 2012 until March 2013 she was employed by the Beppu City Council, in the Children and Family division. She was employed to deal with child abuse and assessment of family relationships. She is a member of the Oita Prefecture Suicide Prevention Network and a prefectural HIV counsellor, and the counselling room in Beppu University. From April 2013 she has been employed by St Luke Clinic, Oita as their clinical psychologist (infertility counsellor). She is a member of the Japanese Association of Clinical Psychologists.


Current Issues and Emerging Trends in Medical Tourism
Malcolm Cooper, Kazem Vafadari, Mayumi Hieda. © 2015. 430 pages.
The era of globalization allows for more connectivity between nations and cultures. This increase in international association gives citizens more availability to take advantage...