Melih Bulu

Melih Bulu, Ph.D., has worked at various sections of the private sector as both a professional and an entrepreneur. While doing these, he has also worked on competitiveness related projects for cities during the last decade as an Academician and a Consultant. He has visited various cities to examine their competitiveness, in terms of their infrastructures and for consultancy purposes. Since 2004, Dr. Bulu has been the General Coordinator of International Competitiveness Research Institute (URAK), an NGO working on economic competitiveness of cities and countries. He is leading various competitiveness related projects on cities in URAK. He especially likes working on the improvement of cities in order to make them competitive. Dr. Bulu teaches strategy related courses at Istanbul Sehir University. His main interest areas are city competitiveness, regional development, game theory, cluster theory, and organization theory. He has various publications in academic and popular media.


City Competitiveness and Improving Urban Subsystems: Technologies and Applications
Melih Bulu. © 2012. 322 pages.
Cities are becoming the wealth producing centers of national economies. Increasing the operational efficiency of the city will bring a competitive edge to the whole system. Yet...