Mellinee Lesley

Mellinee Lesley is a professor in the Language, Diversity & Literacy Studies program in the Department of Curriculum & Instruction at Texas Tech University and the Associate Dean for Graduate Education and Research in the College of Education. Her research is focused on the literacy practices of marginalized adolescent and adult learners, adolescents’ use of new media, and applications of new media for content area literacy instruction. Her research on these topics has appeared in journals such as Literacy Research and Instruction and the Journal of Adolescent & Adult Literacy as well as her book Invisible Girls: At-Risk Adolescent Girls’ Writing Within and Beyond School.


Perspectives on Cultivating a Qualitative Researcher's Identity
René Saldaña, Elizabeth S. Stewart, Mellinee Lesley, Whitney Beach. © 2022. 22 pages.
This chapter problematizes the notion of methodological rigor in qualitative research through an examination of what it means to cultivate an identity as a qualitative...
Summer Mentoring Experiences for Students in Online Doctoral Programs: The Llano Estacado Writers' Alliance
Julie Smit, Elizabeth Jones, Michael Ladick, Mellinee Lesley. © 2021. 23 pages.
University faculty created the Llano Estacado Writers' Alliance (LEWA) in response to improving the quality and rigor of online doctoral programs. The goal for LEWA was to...
Writing About the Self as a Vital Component of Preparing Doctoral Students to Write for Research and Publication
Mellinee K. Lesley. © 2021. 20 pages.
Although many faculty express concern about the writing ability of doctoral students, research on writing instruction at the graduate level in the social sciences has not been...
Teaching as We Learn: Mentoring Graduate Students in Engaged Scholarship
Mellinee K. Lesley, Julie Smit. © 2020. 22 pages.
Increasingly, universities are embracing engaged scholarship as a vehicle for research that is “meaningful” and capable of reaching beyond the walls of academia to bring about a...
Handbook of Research on the Societal Impact of Digital Media
Barbara Guzzetti, Mellinee Lesley. © 2016. 789 pages.
The evolution of digital media has enhanced global perspectives in all facets of communication, greatly increasing the range, scope, and accessibility of shared information. Due...
Teaching Writing in the “Techno-Zone”: Exploring New Literacies in a First-Grade Classroom
Leslie Foley, Barbara Guzzetti, Mary Frances Agnello, Mellinee Lesley. © 2014. 17 pages.
Grounded in teacher research (Cochran-Smith & Lytle, 1992), this study is designed to respond to the call to investigate the impact of incorporating new digital media on young...