Michael J. Ostwald

Michael J. Ostwald is Associate Dean of Research and Professor of Architecture at UNSW, Sydney. He has a PhD in architectural history and theory and a DSc in design mathematics and computing. Michael is Co-Editor-in-Chief of the Nexus Network Journal: Architecture and Mathematics (Springer) and on the editorial boards of ARQ (Cambridge) and Architectural Theory Review (Taylor and Francis). He is co-editor with Kim Williams of Architecture and Mathematics from Antiquity to the Future (Springer 2015), co-author with Josephine Vaughan of The Fractal Dimension of Architecture (Birkhäuser 2016) and co-author with Michael J. Dawes of The Mathematics of the Modernist Villa (Birkhäuser 2018).


Grammatical and Syntactical Approaches in Architecture: Emerging Research and Opportunities
Ju Hyun Lee, Michael J. Ostwald. © 2020. 351 pages.
Shape grammar and space syntax have been separately developed but rarely combined in any significant way. The first of these is typically used to investigate or generate the...
Michael J. Ostwald. © 2017. 2 pages.
This Foreword is included in the book Collaboration and Student Engagement in Design Education.
Cognitive Challenges for Teamwork in Design
Ju Hyun Lee, Michael J. Ostwald, Ning Gu. © 2017. 21 pages.
This chapter combines experimental data and established design theory to examine four issues associated with design cognition that contribute to an improved understanding of...
Systems and Enablers: Modeling the Impact of Contemporary Computational Methods and Technologies on the Design Process
Michael J. Ostwald. © 2012. 17 pages.
This chapter presents a conceptual model of the architectural design process, spanning from ideation to realization, but not focused on stages in the process. Instead, the model...
Computational Methods and Technologies: Reflections on Their Impact on Design and Education
Ning Gu, Michael J. Ostwald. © 2012. 8 pages.
Computational Design Methods and Technologies: Applications in CAD, CAM and CAE Education surveys five major categories of contemporary computational technologies and explores...