Michael T. Miller

Michael T. Miller is a Professor of Higher Education and Dean of the College of Education and Health Professions at the University of Arkansas. He has served as president of two national associations and on the board of directors of five national associations. He has served as the editor of three different academic journals and has published nearly 300 articles and chapters, has authored three books, and has edited eight books. His primary area of research has been aligned with participatory communities in higher education, related to both student and faculty involvement in institutional life. He served for five years as the editor of the Journal of College Orientation and Transition and for five years as the editor of the Journal of Research in Education. He has also served on the editorial boards of five different journals.


Student Activism as a Vehicle for Change on College Campuses: Emerging Research and Opportunities
Michael T. Miller, David V. Tolliver III. © 2017. 118 pages.
Civic engagement initiatives and activities are crucial to the progression of modern society. By raising awareness of social issues and problems, citizens can make a greater...
Developing Faculty to Effectively Use Mobile Learning Technologies in Collegiate Classes: A Guide for Department Chairs
Richard E. Newman, Michael T. Miller, Kenda S. Grover. © 2015. 13 pages.
Mobile devices have become a common accessory for many college students, and with the habits and tendencies that have formed from frequent use, colleges have begun to incorporate...