Mihaela Badea

Mihaela Badea, Assoc. Prof. Ph.D., is the Head of the Teacher Training Department of the Petroleum-Gas University of Ploiesti, where she lectures on Romanian Language Teaching, English Language Teaching and Pedagogy. She also teaches Methods of Language Education Activities and the Methodology of Romanian Language and Literature for Young Children to BA students enrolled in the Pedagogy of Primary and Pre-School Education program. She holds a Ph. D. in Education Sciences from the University of Bucharest, her Ph. D. dissertation being on “Disruptive Behavior at Academic Level” and she is involved in national and international research projects, her research concerns being materialized in various studies published in Romania and abroad.


Violence Prevention and Safety Promotion in Higher Education Settings
Mihaela Badea, Mihaela Suditu. © 2018. 266 pages.
Nonviolent environments are desirable in many areas of life, yet none are as essential as within our educational institutions. Providing a safe space for students has become a...