Mihai C. Bocarnea

Mihai C. Bocarnea, originally from Romania, came to Regent University in 1995 and currently serves as an associate professor in the School of Business & Leadership. He is an expert in the areas of communication, research methods, quantitative analysis and statistics. Dr. Bocarnea, co-editor of Online instruments, data collection, and electronic measurements: Organizational advancements, has co-authored such book chapters and articles as "Seven Scales to Measure the Seven Beatitudes in Leaders," " An Online Measure of Discernment," "Uncertainty Management's Impact on Job Satisfaction and Innovation," "Student-specific Characteristics as Predictors of Retention and Attrition in an Online Doctoral Leadership Program," "Constructivism in Online Distance Education," "Teaching and Instruction Online: Conceptual Foundations and Practical Applications," "Measurement in Organizational Behavior," "Leadership of Organizational Networks," and "Servant-leadership as a Predictor of Job Satisfaction and Organizational Commitment with the Moderating Effects of Organizational Support and Role Clarity among the Filipino Engineering, Manufacturing, and Technology Workers." He has also presented at numerous academic conferences both in the U.S. and overseas in Canada, Germany, India, Israel, Italy, Lithuania, the Netherlands, South Korea, the United Kingdom and Romania. Bocarnea's research interests include organizational communication, cross-cultural leadership, servant leadership, organizational change and pedagogy of online learning. Prior to his teaching career at Regent University, Bocarnea served as an Internet technology consultant, statistical analyst and consultant, principal researcher, and software engineer. He has also served as research analyst for various organizations in the U.S. and overseas.


Handbook of Research on Advancements in Organizational Data Collection and Measurements: Strategies for Addressing Attitudes, Beliefs, and Behaviors
Mihai C. Bocarnea, Bruce E. Winston, Debra Dean. © 2021. 400 pages.
Different organizational instruments have been developed and adapted with proven reliability and validity to measure organizational attitudes, beliefs, and behaviors. These new...
An Overview of Asynchronous Online Learning
G. R. Bud West, Mihai C. Bocarnea. © 2009. 5 pages.
Distance education typically refers to a process where students complete their coursework at a location other than a primary campus. Effectively, this method first developed in...