Mostafa Jafari

Mostafa Jafari was born in year 1956 in Tehran, Iran. He started in school in year 1962 and obtained Natural Diploma in 1974 (Tehran, after 12 years). He finished his first degree (B.Sc.) in Forest and Range, graduated in 1978 (Iran), and finished his Ph.D. in Plant Science (Ecology) in 1990 (UK). His Post doctorate research was in Plant Ecophysiology Methodology in 1997 (Japan). He is member of scientific board since 1990. His interest is in plant ecology, forestry, and climate change, and giving lectures in Universities on Ecophysiology, Ecology, Range Rehabilitation, Plant Geography. He is an advisor of several post graduate students in different universities. He enjoy from Membership to the different Professional Organizations. He was Director (President) of Research Institute of Forest and Rangelands, I.R. Iran, from 1992 to Nov. 1997 (With 600 staff including 250 scientific researcher and 900 research projects, publishing about 200 books in this period). He was Director of First Vice President Office of WMO, from August 2004 to 2009. He is Head of TP Secretariat of Low Forest Cover Countries (LFCCs, International Intergovernmental Organization). Since, March 2003, he is also International Affair Advisor to the Deputy Minister and Head of IRIMO since August 2004. He published 69 articles, 8 books, and 2 university textbooks. He is Managing Director of National Research Project on Climate Change in RIFR entitled: “Investigation on Climate Change Effects on Forest Ecosystems in Hyrcanian forests with Emphasize of Wood Dendrology Studies.”


Technology Engineering and Management in Aviation: Advancements and Discoveries
Evon Abu-Taieh, Asim El Sheikh, Mostafa Jafari. © 2012. 361 pages.
As computer and information systems technology advances, industries such as aviation stand to benefit from the overwhelming new advances in hardware, software, and best...