Muneer Ahmad

Muneer Ahmad completed his Master's degrees in Mathematics (1999) and Computer Science (2002) from Punjab University and Islamia University, Pakistan, respectively. Later, he got his MPhil (MS, 2006) degree in Computer Science from COMSATS University, Pakistan. He completed his Ph.D. (2015) from Universiti Teknologi PETRONAS, Malaysia in Computer Science. Dr. Muneer Ahmad has authored numerous research articles in reputed journals indexed in WoS and Scopus. Dr. Muneer also secured a research grant of approximately 350, 000 SAR in numerous research projects. His research interests are in the discipline of data science that includes applied machine learning applications in pattern recognition, image processing, signal analysis, e-commerce, cybersecurity, edge computing, and cloud computing. He is investigating machine learning, deep learning, and data-driven approaches to propose optimized solutions in different areas of computing. The long-term goal of his research is to develop enhanced and novel solutions that add values to industry 4.0 applications.


Empowering Sustainable Industrial 4.0 Systems With Machine Intelligence
Muneer Ahmad, Noor Zaman. © 2022. 315 pages.
The recent advancement of industrial computerization has significantly helped in resolving the challenges with conventional industrial systems. The Industry 4.0 quality standards...
RDF Query Path Optimization Using Hybrid Genetic Algorithms: Semantic Web vs. Data-Intensive Cloud Computing
Qazi Mudassar Ilyas, Muneer Ahmad, Sonia Rauf, Danish Irfan. © 2022. 16 pages.
Resource Description Framework (RDF) inherently supports data mergers from various resources into a single federated graph that can become very large even for an application of...
A Metaphoric Design of Electronic Medical Record (EMR) for Periodic Health Examination Reports: An Initiative to Cloud's Medical Data Analysis
Sharifah Ahmed Alamer, Qazi Mudassar Ilyas, Muneer Ahmad, Danish Irfan. © 2022. 18 pages.
The exponential growth of big data demands an efficient knowledge discovery. The electronic medical records of patients on medical data Clouds contain implicit medical...
Harness the Global Impact of Big Data in Nurturing Social Entrepreneurship: A Systematic Literature Review
Nur Azreen Zulkefly, Norjihan Abdul Ghani, Suraya Hamid, Muneer Ahmad, Brij B. Gupta. © 2021. 19 pages.
The global impact of social values, norms, and cultures set the growth and future dimensions of most businesses. In global business governess, the sustainability of social...
The Role of IoT in Digital Governance
Azeem Khan, N. Z. Jhanjhi, Mamoona Humayun, Muneer Ahmad. © 2020. 23 pages.
The acronym IoT stands for internet of things. The IoT ecosystem can be envisioned as a set of physical electronic devices embedded with intelligence, connected through a...