Narasimha Kamath

Dr. Narasimha Kamath is the product director at JDA Software. He earned his fellowship (PhD) in SCM from IIM Calcutta and was honoured with the outstanding doctoral research award from European Foundation. He has worked extensively with customers across all industry verticals and is recognized for his thought leadership. He has many international publications to his credit, including US patents. He leads the new product introduction and innovation activities at the Centre of Excellence in India. He also fosters the industry - academic collaboration creating a win-win environment.


Handbook of Research on Strategic Supply Chain Management in the Retail Industry
Narasimha Kamath, Swapnil Saurav. © 2016. 429 pages.
Customer satisfaction is a pivotal component to any business that provides goods or services to the public. By effectively managing the flow of products, business can adapt to...
Dynamics of Supply Chains for Perishable and Non-Perishable Items
Narasimha Kamath. © 2016. 27 pages.
This chapter analyzes the dynamics of supply chains for perishable and non-perishable items and compares them. It starts with a single echelon supply chain with widely used...