Navreet Kaur

Navreet Kaur is a Ph.D. in Motivational Psychology with over 18 years of experience in teaching, both in India and abroad. She is currently serving as Professor in Organizational Behaviour and Human Resource Management at Chitkara University, Punjab. She was invited as visiting faculty to HEPL University (Belgium), Sup’Biotech (Paris), and DHBW Cooperative State University (Germany) under the Erasmus Exchange Program. As an academic consultant, she has delivered E-learning lectures and expert talks, conducted workshops and designed course curriculum for pre-PhD Coursework. Besides regional and national conferences, Dr Kaur has presented research papers in ICMIS-13 at Bangkok; ICTBM-17 supported by AIMS International at Dubai, ICoFA 2019 at Malaysia. Dr Navreet was conferred the Best Researcher Award at IEEE sponsored 2nd International Conference on Recent Trends in Engineering Technology and Management 2022 (ICRETM 2022) at Coimbatore. Her recent Scopus-indexed publications are entitled: The Effect of Virtual and Augmented Reality on Well-Being: Perspectives in Mental Health Education; and People Management in an Indian IT Services Company During COVID-19: A Case Analysis.


Ethical Risks in Artificial Intelligence-Based Performance Assessment Within Asian Companies
Navreet Kaur. © 2024. 19 pages.
Technology is an inseparable part of a business enterprise since it influences its processes, structure, and strategies. The paradigm shift in terms of cloud computing, robotics...
Neuroscientific Basis of Male and Female Leadership: Implications for Organizational Effectiveness
Navreet Kaur, Preeti Kaushal. © 2024. 16 pages.
The chapter is an attempt to explore the neuroscientific mechanisms underlying masculine and feminine brains and their association with leadership. Research studies on the role...
Neuroleadership and Effective Communication
Preeti Kaushal, Navreet Kaur, Navgeet Kohli. © 2024. 15 pages.
To enhance better understanding of effective communication and the role of a leader, a field that combines both neuroscience and leadership is studied. This chapter will include...
Marketing 5.0 and the Role of Mind Mapping in Content Advertising: An Analysis
Navreet Kaur, Preeti Kaushal. © 2024. 11 pages.
Two factors viz. technology and consumer needs are the main drivers of the marketing evolution referred to as Marketing 5.0. The business philosophy in the present phase of...
Showrooming: An Ethical Gamble in Marketing
Preeti Kaushal, Navreet Kaur. © 2024. 11 pages.
Shoppers take advantage of the retail store to check the product but finally order it online, thus posing a great bane for the offline retailers. Due to the absence of any...
People Management in an Indian IT Services Company During COVID-19: A Case Analysis
Navreet Kaur. © 2023. 11 pages.
The case revolves around the reactionary measures taken by an Indian IT services company based in Pune in an attempt to stay afloat during the COVID-19 pandemic. The case, in...
Digitalization and Work Behaviour: A Paradigm Shift
Navreet Kaur. © 2021. 22 pages.
The digital economy has brought in its wake numerous issues of a technological kind. It has affected every element within the organization (e.g., structure, informal work...