Ning Gu

Ning Gu is a Senior Lecturer in the School of Architecture and Built Environment at the University of Newcastle, Australia. He researches in the broad areas of design computing. He is particularly interested in collaborative design, generative design, and virtual worlds. Ning is a pioneer of applying leading-edge Information Technologies in design and learning, and has established an international collaborative design studio using Second Life. He has also designed and implemented a wide variety of collaborative virtual environments and applied them in his teaching and research in numerous Australian and international tertiary design institutions including the University of Newcastle, the University of Sydney, MIT, and Columbia University. He has published extensively in the fields of design computing and design education.


Pentexonomy: A Multi-Dimensional Taxonomy of Educational Online Technologies
Kimberley Tuapawa, William David Sher, Ning Gu. © 2016. 28 pages.
Educational online technologies (EOTs) have revolutionised the delivery of online education, making a large contribution towards the global increase in demand for higher...
Computational Design Methods and Technologies: Applications in CAD, CAM and CAE Education
Ning Gu, Xiangyu Wang. © 2012. 490 pages.
The emergence and adoption of computational technologies has significantly changed design and design education beyond the replacement of drawing boards with computers or pens and...
Constructivist Learning Theory in Virtual Design Studios
Leman Figen Gül, Anthony Williams, Ning Gu. © 2012. 24 pages.
In the authors’ design teaching, they have been employing virtual world technologies, allowing students the capacity to collaborate and design within a constructivist immersive...
Towards the Development of a Project Decision Support Framework for Adoption of an Integrated Building Information Model using a Model Server
Kerry London, Vishal Singh, Ning Gu, Claudelle Taylor, Ljiljana Brankovic. © 2010. 32 pages.
This chapter discusses an action research study towards the development of a decision framework to support a fully integrated multi disciplinary Building Information Model (BIM)...