Norm Archer

Norm Archer is Professor Emeritus in the Information Systems Area of the DeGroote School of Business, McMaster University, Canada. He is also Special Advisor to the McMaster eBusiness Research Centre (MeRC), which he founded in 1999 as its first director. From December 2000 to his retirement in July 2002 as a Full Professor, he held the Wayne C. Fox Chair in Business Innovation. He is currently involved in a variety of activities in research, consulting, teaching, and supervising graduate student research on e-government, e-business, and e-health topics. He is extensively involved in the development and operation of the MSc program in e-health, a unique collaborative program between the Faculties of Business, Health Sciences, and Engineering. Dr. Archer has published more than 100 papers in refereed journals and conferences, and has given many invited talks on e-government, e-business, and e-health at universities and conferences around the world. In his research he is active, along with his graduate students and colleagues, in the study of organizational problems relating to the implementation of e-business and e-government approaches, particularly pertaining to mobile applications in business, health, and government organizations, and the resulting impacts on processes, employees, customers, and suppliers. Current research projects involve various aspects of mobile e-health, mobile government, identity theft, and change management in organizations.


Mobile E-Health: Making the Case
Norm Archer. © 2007. 16 pages.
Health care is an industry with a diverse set of stakeholders: governments, private health care providers, medical practitioners (physicians, nurses, researchers, etc.), home...