Pandian Vasant

Pandian Vasant is a senior lecturer at Department of Fundamental and Applied Sciences, Faculty of Science and Information Technology, Universiti Teknologi PETRONAS in Malaysia. He holds PhD (UNEM, Costa Rica) in Computational Intelligence, MSc (UMS, Malaysia, Engineering Mathematics) and BSc (2nd Class Upper-Hons in Mathematics, UM, Malaysia) in Mathematics. He has co-authored research papers and articles in national journals, international journals, conference proceedings, conference paper presentation, and special issues lead guest editor, lead guest editor for book chapters, edited books, and keynote lecture. (218 publications indexed in SCOPUS). In the year 2009, Dr. Pandian Vasant was awarded top reviewer for the journal Applied Soft Computing (Elsevier), awarded outstanding reviewer in the year 2015 for ASOC (Elsevier) journal and Top reviewer for Sentinels of Science: Computer Science (Oct. 2015 - Sept. 2016). He has 26 years of working experience at the various universities from 1989-2017. Currently he is Editor-in-Chief of IJCO and IJEOE, Member of American Mathematical Society, MERLIN, and NAVY Research Groups.


Renewable Energy and Power Supply Challenges for Rural Regions
Valeriy Kharchenko, Pandian Vasant. © 2019. 432 pages.
Access to power and electricity is a vital resource for businesses and for sustaining the livelihood of consumers. However, producing reliable and renewable energy and...
Multi-Objective Optimization of Two-Stage Thermo-Electric Cooler Using Differential Evolution: MO Optimization of TEC Using DE
Doan V. K. Khanh, Pandian Vasant, Irraivan Elamvazuthi, Vo N. Dieu. © 2016. 32 pages.
In this chapter, the technical issues of two-stage TEC were discussed. After that, a new method of optimizing the dimension of TECs using differential evolution to maximize the...
Swarm-Based Mean-Variance Mapping Optimization (MVMOS) for Solving Non-Convex Economic Dispatch Problems
Truong Hoang Khoa, Pandian Vasant, Balbir Singh Mahinder Singh, Vo Ngoc Dieu. © 2015. 41 pages.
The practical Economic Dispatch (ED) problems have non-convex objective functions with complex constraints due to the effects of valve point loadings, multiple fuels, and...