Pankaj Bhatt

Pankaj Bhatt completed Ph.D in Microbiology, CBSH, GBPUAT Pantnagar US Nagar. His major research area is on biodegradation, molecular aspect of biodegradation. He has published many research papers in reputed journals.


Bioremediation of Industrial Waste Using Microbial Metabolic Diversity
Saurabh Gangola, Pankaj Bhatt, Parul Chaudhary, Priyanka Khati, Narendra Kumar, Anita Sharma. © 2018. 27 pages.
Evolution is mainly driven by environmental stresses. Among all the living beings, microorganisms have elaborated a wide range of physiological responses to survive in different...
Application of Nanocompounds for Sustainable Agriculture System
Priyanka Khati, Saurabh Gangola, Pankaj Bhatt, Rajeev Kumar, Anita Sharma. © 2018. 18 pages.
Agriculture is one of the major determining forces for the economy of India. The burgeoning population also puts more pressure of the agriculture system. To meet the requirement...