Perry Jason Camacho Pangelinan

Perry Jason Camacho Pangelinan is an assistant professor of library science at the University Libraries-Robert F. Kennedy Memorial Library, University of Guam, where he teaches information literacy and assists students and faculty with various research related to academic programs and disciplines. Although his scholarship focuses on librarianship, his research interests and fervor grew to include areas to help improve student retention and graduation rates among Pacific Islanders. The achievement gaps among the Chamorro male student population at the higher education level is an area that he has infused with a high level of enthusiasm and strong undertaking.


Learning and Reconciliation Through Indigenous Education in Oceania
Perry Jason Camacho Pangelinan, Troy McVey. © 2022. 303 pages.
The mission of higher education in the 21st century must address the reconciliation of student learning and experiences through the lens of indigenous education and frameworks....
Why Some Young CHamorus Actively Learn the CHamoru Language While Others Do Not
Edward Leon Guerrero. © 2022. 27 pages.
For the generation of CHamorus who grew up without CHamoru language fluency, what the language means for their CHamoru identity is not entirely clear as there has not been a...
Policy Analysis and Crafting to Empower Authentic Indigenous Learning Experiences in the Pacific Higher Education Landscape
Troy McVey. © 2022. 12 pages.
This chapter examines the context of higher education in the Pacific. A brief explanation of the role of colonialism in the formation of institutions of higher education in the...
Maximizing Learning to Meeting the Multicultural Learner
Genevieve Leon Guerrero. © 2022. 8 pages.
Mindfulness training might be the single easiest and cost-effective school effort to implement to support students. In a diverse environment like those found in schools on the...
Authentic Experiences of CHamoru Students During the COVID-19 Pandemic
Perry Jason Camacho Pangelinan. © 2022. 15 pages.
The year 2020 has been an especially difficult year for people and organizations all over the world because of the COVID-19 pandemic. Higher learning institutions and their...
Regionalism: Assessing Students' Academic Resilience Through Reading and Response Activities
Perry Jason Camacho Pangelinan, Royce Camacho, Arline Leon Guerrero. © 2020. 17 pages.
This chapter examined work produced by students identified as CHamoru in order to assess learning outcomes in the first-year seminar course at UOG. As part of the first-year...