Pete Smith

Pete Smith is Chief Analytics Officer and Senior Associate Vice President at the University of Texas Arlington, where he founded and oversees the office of University Analytics, and co-founded the Learning Innovation and Networked Knowledge (LINK) lab, a learning analytics research laboratory. He is a Professor of University Studies, and he previously served for 18 years as Vice Provost for Digital Teaching and Learning. He earned his B.A. and B.S. degrees from the Pennsylvania State University, and his Master’s in Slavic Languages and Doctorate in Second Language Acquisition at the University of Texas at Austin. His teaching and research focuses on natural language processing and understanding, translation automation, and “big data” in education. He also oversees UTA’s Localization and Translation certificate program, offered to students of seven languages (Arabic, Chinese, French, German, Korean Portuguese, Russian) as an introduction to localization and the localization industry. And he was recently recognized by the United States Distance Learning Association with a national award for “Outstanding Leadership by an Individual in the Field of Distance Learning,” for his role leading UTA to become a recognized leader in online learning.


The Community of Inquiry Framework in Contemporary Education: Emerging Research and Opportunities
Peggy Semingson, Pete Smith, Henry I. Anderson. © 2018. 139 pages.
The primary challenge of online education is bridging the distance, both geographical and psychological, between student-and-teacher and student-and-student dynamics. In today’s...
“I'm Not Simply Dealing with Some Heartless Computer”: Videoconferencing as Personalized Online Learning in a Graduate Literacy Course
Peggy Lynn Semingson, Pete Smith. © 2016. 25 pages.
This chapter provides a case study example using cross-case analysis (Merriam, 2001) of digital mentoring within an online Master's level literacy course at a large public...