Peter A.C. Smith

Peter A. C. Smith is the President and CEO of the Leadership Alliance Inc. ( Since TLA’s formation in 1987, Peter has maintained a worldwide consulting practice assisting public and private sector organizations optimize their performance by enhancing their leadership capabilities. The breadth of Peter’s previous practical hands-on management experience with Exxon has proven invaluable in ensuring that he continues to relate to the problems and pressures faced by organization in today’s complex and ambiguous global environments, and is fundamental to framing his research interests which include complexity leadership, global business, organizational strategy, socio-digital technology, sustainability, innovation, knowledge management, organizational learning, and related emerging paradigms. Peter has served as Managing Editor of the Journal of Knowledge Management Practice and as Consulting and Special Issues Editor for The Learning Organization; Peter has also served as Associate Editor (Practitioners) for the International Journal of Socio-Technology & Knowledge Management. Peter has published more than 60 scholarly papers and is in demand internationally as a speaker, workshop leader, and conference chair. In 2013, IGI Global published “Dynamic Leadership Models for Global Business: Enhancing Digitally Connected Environments,” which Peter co-authored with Dr. Tom Cockburn.


Impact of Emerging Digital Technologies on Leadership in Global Business
Peter A.C. Smith, Tom Cockburn. © 2014. 327 pages.
To be successful, business leaders should be familiar with the emerging digital technologies that are contributing to the global business environment. All leaders must develop...
Leveraging Communities for Sustainable Innovation: A Commentary
Elayne Coakes, Peter A.C. Smith, Dee Alwis. © 2010. 10 pages.
The concept of using future innovation to achieve “right to market” (R2M) (Koudal & Coleman, 2005) is the focus of this paper. This paper discusses the relationship between...