Peter Yang

Peter Yang’s main research area is renewable energy and energy efficiency as solutions to environmental and ecological challenges of the global economy. Research projects he has completed include environmental and ecological impact of carbon based energy production and consumption in major economics; investment, installation, and consumption of renewable energy technologies; and renewable energy promotion policies and regulations, such as feed-in tariffs, fuel and carbon taxes, renewable energy targets, and CO2 reduction targets. These projects resulted in two books, Rolling Back the Tide of Climate Change: Renewable Solutions and Policy Instruments in the USA and China (2015) and Renewables Are Getting Cheaper (2016), and a number of peer reviewed journal papers, book chapters, book reviews, and conference papers. His current energy-related research interests include the latest R&D of renewable energy technologies; challenges and solutions of renewable energy technologies, grid integration, and energy storage; energy efficiency in transportation and buildings; as well as teaching, training, and public education of renewable energy transformation.


Cases on Green Energy and Sustainable Development
Peter Yang. © 2020. 583 pages.
Despite the urgent need for action, there is a widespread lack of understanding of the benefits of using green energy sources for not only reducing carbon emissions and climate...