Petri Helo

Petri Helo is a Professor and the Head of Logistics Systems Research Group, Department of Production, University of Vaasa. His research addresses the management of Logistics processes in supply demand networks, which take place in electronics, machine building and food industries.


Supply Chain Strategies and the Engineer-to-Order Approach
Richard Addo-Tenkorang, Jussi Kantola, Petri Helo, Ahm Shamsuzzoha. © 2016. 283 pages.
With the rise of global competitiveness among industries, it has become increasingly vital to develop novel strategies to assist in optimizing value-chain networks, thus helping...
Engineer-To-Order Product Development: A Communication Network Analysis for Supply-Chain's Sustainable Competitive Advantage
Richard Addo-Tenkorang, Petri Helo, Jussi Kantola. © 2016. 17 pages.
Industrial manufacturers' complex product-development activities have seen various advancement and improvement approaches over the past decades. In order to enable the...
Cloud Manufacturing towards Sustainable Management
Yuqiuge Hao, Petri Helo. © 2015. 19 pages.
Nowadays, most manufacturing companies have realized the importance of collaboration between dispersed factories, different suppliers, and distributed stakeholders. Cloud...