Phyllis Chiasson

Phyllis Chiasson taught speech and language arts at the secondary level in Tucson, Arizona until 1980; she later taught public speaking and critical thinking at Peninsula College, in Port Townsend, WA, where she and her husband now reside. She earned her degrees (BA, 1968 and MEd, 1974) at the University of Arizona. She co-founded the Davis-Nelson consultancy firm in 1986, for which she is principal investigator. In addition to their research, she and others at Davis-Nelson apply RTS and the DNV assessment in a wide variety of contexts. She is a sustaining member of The Charles Peirce Society and a member of the Society for Advancement of American Philosophy.


Relational Thinking Styles and Natural Intelligence: Assessing Inference Patterns for Computational Modeling
Phyllis Chiasson, Jayne Tristan. © 2012. 281 pages.
The science of intelligence has created a plethora of theories and measurements, which have various applications of both computational, social, and managerial significance....