Pilar Alarcón-Urbistondo

Pilar Alarcón Urbistondo was born in Malaga (Malaga), on June 20th, 1965. Degree in Economics and Business Sciences from the University of Malaga. Doctor in Business Administration and Management from the University of Malaga and Professor of Marketing and Market Research of the University of Malaga where she also develops her teaching, research and transfer work. Her main line of work focuses on the identification and assessment of target markets and the description of the behaviors and perceptions of their consumers applied fundamentally to tourist destinations, although currently she works on these aspects in other public fields such as culture (museums) and public heath (hospitals). At the same time, she extends her work to the identification of vulnerabilities in the offer, B&B relationships and reputation in order to develope competitive intelligence (tools for obtaining and analyzing information from the environment) for decision-making by public agencies in their relations with the different stakeholders. Co-author of more than 15 book chapters, 30 articles in national, international and sectorial fields out of which 20 of them are included in magazines indexed of maximum level (Ranking JCR: Q1 y Q2) and 35 papers sent to national and international conferences. She participates as a researcher in more than 35 R & D & I international, national and regional research projects and contracts, of which in 25 she has been Responsible Investigator. She has been the director and/or teacher of Master of national and international nature in Spain (Málaga, Gran Canarias, Vigo, Santander), Argentina and Italy and professor in Doctoral Courses in Spain (Málaga), Mexico and Venezuela; as well as visiting professor at the University of Groningen (Netherlands) and Bari (Italy). Her contacts with the business sector in a more direct way have been through research contracts. It is also worth highlighting the management of various general regional tourism plans, marketing plans for tourist destinations, support for the reorganization of retail trade in open shopping centers, preparation of scorecards and indicators to monitor the evolution of tourist destinations and/or specific sectors or the launch of tourist observatories and applied research centers on the Costa del Sol. Currently, in university management, she holds the position of Deputy Vice-Rector for Permanent Training at the University of Malaga.


The Relevance of Literacy in Digital Health for Success of Healthcare and Its Marketing: Navigating Towards Digital Health Literacy
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The Methodological Context in Higher Education
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