Pınar Avci

Pınar Avcı is a lecturer at Tekirdağ Namık Kemal University, Turkey. She received her doctoral degree in 2019. Her research interests are finance, financial institutions, international finance and capital market.


Does the COVID-19 Pandemic Affect the Stock Returns of the Turkish Tourism Industry?
Pınar Avci. © 2023. 21 pages.
The aim of the study is to examine the impact of COVID-19 on the return of the tourism industry by integrating explanatory variables such as ISE index, exchange rate, and...
Enterprise Risk Management and Bankruptcy
Pınar Avci, Sevgi Sümerli Sarigül. © 2023. 18 pages.
This study explains bankruptcy by talking about risk, risk types, and risk management and bankruptcy forecasting models. The studies in the literature are examined and explained...
How Do Equity Market Performance and ICT Influence Clean Energy Consumption in High-Income Countries?
Pınar Avci. © 2023. 18 pages.
The aim of this study is to examine whether equity market development and ICT affect clean energy consumption in 18 high-income countries during the period 1990-2015. In the...
Structures and Functions of Holding Companies in Different Countries
Pınar Avci. © 2021. 17 pages.
The word “holding” is an English word. Some researchers state that this word derives from the root “hold” and means to hold management as “to hold and control,” while others...