Preeta Sharan

Preeta Sharan, PhD, has a post doctorate degree from IIT Kharagpur and has 22+ years of experience in education, research, student mentorship in. She is responsible for teaching B.Tech/M.Tech. And Ph.D. Students. She has delivered lectures for the VTU e-learning program via satellite for countrywide classrooms. She is heading a strong group of R&D team working in the area of Optical Sensors, Optical Network and Quantum Dots. She has been lead investigator for several projects funded by government and international agencies such as the Naval Research Board, DRDO, IEEE USA and the Govt. of Karnataka (KVGST). Multiple patents are filed and under process. Additionally, she is also associated with the IEEE Humanitarian Technology group. She got various awards from IEEE SIGHT Asia Pacific. Recently she got the best design award at the international IEEE IMARC conference 2015. She is the Sr. member of IEEE, Execom member for IEEE Photonic Society Bangalore section, Life member for ISTE, IETE, IMAPS technical Society. She presented many papers in the various country like Singapore, China, Japan and Malaysia.


Web-Based Electronic Money for Online Banking
Raghvendra Kumar, Preeta Sharan, Aruna Devi. © 2019. 7 pages.
Online transaction payment for the purpose of introducing web-based electronic money as an alternative way of online transaction payment, the main areas that cover in this...
Advanced Mobile Technologies for Secure Transaction Processing: Emerging Research and Opportunities
Raghvendra Kumar, Preeta Sharan, Aruna Devi. © 2018. 177 pages.
The development of mobile applications has created numerous opportunities across different industries. With these advances, the management of data has been optimized to allow a...