Quynh Lê

Quynh Lê (PhD) is the Lecturer and the Coordinator of Graduate Research in the Department of Rural Health, University of Tasmania, Australia. She started as a Mechanical Engineer in Vietnam and gained her MApp Comp from the University of Tasmania, MEd at the University of South Australia, and PhD from Curtin University. She has a wide range of publications in rural health, intercultural health, health workforce issues, social epidemiology, spatial statistics and the application of information technology in education and health.


Technologies for Enhancing Pedagogy, Engagement and Empowerment in Education: Creating Learning-Friendly Environments
Thao Lê, Quynh Lê. © 2012. 338 pages.
Although there is broad agreement that preparing global citizens for the digital age is a core responsibility of educators and schools, there is debate and uncertainty about how...
New Challenges in Web-Based Education
Quynh Lê, Mark Lê. © 2012. 8 pages.
The Web has become popular in education as it is an essential foundation for e-learning. It provides powerful resources for social interaction, teaching, learning and research....
MyLO: Collaborative Learning through Web-Based Courseware Applications
Si Fan, Quynh Lê, Yun Yue. © 2012. 9 pages.
As one of the key infrastructures within web-based learning, courseware is adopted by schools and universities to enable a systematic learning delivery and education management....
Web-Based Learning: Status Quo and Trend
Si Fan, Quynh Lê. © 2012. 14 pages.
Due to the increasing adoption of computers and networks, web-based learning (e-learning) has become more feasible and acceptable within the worldwide (De Moor, 2007). The Web...
Information Technology: A Critical Discourse Analysis Perspective
Thao Lê, Quynh Lê. © 2010. 7 pages.
Information technology (IT) has permeated many fields and aspects of modern society such as education, business, health and entertainment. It provides users with innovative and...