Raja Ramanathan

Raja Ramanathan is a Technology Advisor, Senior IT Architect, and SOA SME with over 25 years of experience in the computing industry, providing technology consulting services to Fortune 500 enterprises in the USA. Raja specializes in business and technical architecture, developing architecture vision, enterprise integration solution architecture, middleware configuration, software design and development, strategic planning, and governance consulting for mission critical projects. His technical expertise is in Java, SOA, BPM, and tools and technologies primarily from IBM and Oracle. Raja’s enterprise clients span business domains in oil and gas exploration and pipelines; energy generation, retail and wholesale; energy distribution and trading; engineering services, financial services, and software product development. Raja is an author and editor of the reference book Service-Driven Approaches to Architecture and Enterprise Integration that was published by IGI Global in 2013. His research interests are in the areas of service-driven computing, cloud computing, enterprise integration, and autonomic computing. Raja has a M.E.E in Electrical Engineering from the University of Delaware, USA.


Service-Driven Computing: Challenges and Trends
Raja Ramanathan. © 2018. 25 pages.
Information technology is rapidly evolving to facilitate the design, development, and implementation of the next generation of architectural practices, tools, and techniques that...
Handbook of Research on Architectural Trends in Service-Driven Computing
Raja Ramanathan, Kirtana Raja. © 2014. 759 pages.
Research into the next generation of service architecture techniques has enabled the design, development, and implementation of dynamic, adaptive, and autonomic services to...
Service-Driven Approaches to Architecture and Enterprise Integration
Raja Ramanathan, Kirtana Raja. © 2013. 411 pages.
While business functions such as manufacturing, operations, and marketing often utilize various software applications, they tend to operate without the ability to interact with...
Service-Driven Approaches to Software Architecture: Principles and Methodology
Raja Ramanathan. © 2013. 42 pages.
Software Architecture has evolved from simple monolithic system designs to complex, multi-tiered, distributed, and componentized abstractions. Service-driven architectural...
Architectural Practices for Improving Fault Tolerance in a Service-Driven Environment
Raja Ramanathan. © 2013. 22 pages.
Enterprises that implement Service-driven applications face challenges relating to unprecedented scale, high availability, and fault-tolerance. There is exponential growth with...
Extending Service-Driven Architectural Approaches to the Cloud
Raja Ramanathan. © 2013. 26 pages.
Today, most enterprises own their IT infrastructures. In the future, it may well be more cost effective to use infrastructure and software provided by entities that are...