Ramesh Behl

Ramesh Behl is the Director and Professor of Information Systems at International Management Institute. His teaching expertise includes Information Technology based Decision Making, E-Business, Information Systems Management, Business Intelligence, Enterprise Systems, and Customer Relationship Management. In addition to teaching, Ramesh is an active researcher in the area of e-Business and Information Systems Management. He has also designed and developed number of software for various industry applications. Ramesh is a United Nations fellow on Information Systems & International Operations and SAP Certified Consultant. He is an international accredited professor of International Accreditation Organization (IAO), USA. Professor Behl has over twenty-nine years of teaching, research and consulting experience in the area of Information Technology and E-Business. He has worked with Indian Institute of Foreign Trade, New Delhi, and Indian Institute of Management, Lucknow and Statesman New Delhi, and has worked on various research and consulting assignments for government and private organizations. Professor Behl has authored eighteen books, fifteen case studies and more than 45 research papers of National and International Repute. He has conducted training and delivered lectures to the faculty and students of various International universities in Singapore, Indonesia, Hong Kong, Australia, China, Germany and Thailand. He has been awarded “Outstanding Academic Award 2010” from SAP, and South East Asia, Japan and “Best Professor in Information Technology” as part of Asia’s Best B-School Awards presented at Singapore in July, 2011.


Start-Up Enterprises and Contemporary Innovation Strategies in the Global Marketplace
Rajagopal, Ramesh Behl. © 2018. 341 pages.
In an ever-expanding economic world, the need for new businesses with the ability to create and evolve simultaneously is paramount to ensure success. Hybrid business models are...
Business Analytics and Cyber Security Management in Organizations
Rajagopal, Ramesh Behl. © 2017. 346 pages.
Traditional marketing techniques have become outdated by the emergence of the internet, and for companies to survive in the new technological marketplace, they must adopt digital...