Ramón López-Cózar Delgado

Ramón López-Cózar Delgado is a professor at the Faculty of Computer Science and Telecommunications at the University of Granada (Spain). His main research interests include spoken and multimodal dialogue systems, focusing on speech processing and dialogue management. He has coordinated several research projects, published a number of journal and conference papers, and has been invited to speak at several scientific events addressing these topics. Recently he has co-edited the Human-Centric Interfaces for Ambient Intelligence(Elsevier Academic Press, 2010).


Technologies for Inclusive Education: Beyond Traditional Integration Approaches
David Griol Barres, Zoraida Callejas Carrión, Ramón López-Cózar Delgado. © 2013. 393 pages.
By providing students with the opportunities to receive a high quality education regardless of their social or cultural background, inclusive education is a new...