Randa Diab-Bahman

Randa Diab-Bahman is an avid advocate for equality and change in her hometown of Kuwait. She has successfully established a few non-profit groups to serve her cause and has been a key player in pushing the boundaries for workplace policies. Her research interests include corporate social responsibility and applied psychology. She holds a Masters degree in science from the UK and a DBA from France and is currently undergoing a PhD in Marketing & Reputation with a focus on CSR. She is also currently lecturing in the Faculty of Business at the Kuwait College of Science & Technology.(aa6eba8b-8ce5-4bc8-a926-949645fe4153)


Global Citizenship and Its Impact on Multiculturalism in the Workplace
Randa Diab-Bahman, Abrar Al-Enzi. © 2023. 351 pages.
The fast economic, social, and political changes that characterize today’s world have created much uncertainty not only in countries but also in companies and public sector...
Forensic Accounting and Corporate Governance
Randa Diab-Bahman, Talal Abdullah Bahman. © 2022. 17 pages.
In this chapter, the necessity for compliance and corporate governance is discussed. It is essential to shine the limelight on these practices, and they are considered important...
VLEs in a Post-COVID World: Kuwait's Universities
Randa Diab-Bahman. © 2021. 19 pages.
Once exposed, the COVID-19 pandemic created unprecedented pressure on all sectors causing many temporarily closures and organizations working from home. Daily norms were...