Raquel Castaño

Raquel Castaño is a professor of Marketing and Consumer Behavior at EGADE Business School, Tecnológico de Monterrey in Mexico. She has been a full-time professor at that institution since 1997, serving as Director of the Master in Marketing (2007-2013), Associate Director of the Undergraduate Marketing Program (1997-2000), and currently, as Director of the EGADE Business School site at Monterrey. Her research interest centers on the roles of emotion and cognition in consumer decision making and in the adoption of new products, and her research has been published, inter alia, in the Journal of Marketing Research and the Journal of Consumer Psychology. She is a member of the Mexican National System of Researchers (Sistema Nacional de Investigadores) and has received distinctions and honors for her teaching and research, including from Tecnológico de Monterrey and the American Marketing Association (AMA). In the Mexican corporate sector, she has worked extensively in the areas of market research, brand management, and strategic marketing consultancy. Raquel Castaño González earned her PhD in Marketing (2004) at Tulane University (USA) and a Master’s degree in Management (2003) at the same institution. From Tecnológico de Monterrey (Mexico), she obtained a Master’s degree in Marketing (1999), a Master’s degree in Administration (1991), and a BA in Marketing (1983).


Consumer Relationships With Brands
Rajagopal, Raquel Castaño. © 2020. 13 pages.
A brand can be one of a firm's most valuable assets; however, the value of a brand is contingent on the perceptions, attitudes, and behaviors of its consumers. A brand can...
Shifting Consumption Experiences to the Digital World
Raquel Castaño, Sandra Nuñez. © 2018. 10 pages.
As competition intensifies and goods and services become more and more commoditized, consumers increasingly look for experiential value in their consumption. Beyond the...
Social Group Influences
Rajagopal, Raquel Castaño. © 2018. 20 pages.
Continuous growth in information and communication technology over the twentieth century has turned consumers more community-oriented in making buying decisions. The interaction...
Understanding Consumer Behavior and Consumption Experience
Rajagopal, Raquel Castaño. © 2015. 303 pages.
Success in the business world is not strictly reliant on producing valuable and in-demand products. Without a proper understanding of the consumers that a business markets and...