Rebecca Nicholson

Rebecca Nicholson specializes in the integration of contemporary and indigenous systems of conflict resolution. Her work has included conflict related to human trafficking, child soldier reintegration, genocide prevention, post-war development, and countering violent extremism. Currently Dr. Nicholson works as a conflict coach to individuals, and as a private consultant to philanthropic foundations. She is also a Senior Scientist at Valka-Mir Human Security, who specialize in the use of nonlethal soft power tactics to augment Psychological Operations and Civil-Military Affairs. Dr. Nicholson’s early professional experience was in political campaigning, fundraising, strategic messaging, and press relations. She has published on sexism that occurs (and kills careers) at elite levels, and the way donor participation can either exacerbate or resolve conflict. She holds a Ph.D. in Conflict Analysis & Resolution, undergraduate degrees in Political Science and Public Relations, and numerous certifications for specialized training in family conflict, disaster-related mental health, and trauma.


Natural Healing as Conflict Resolution
Rebecca Nicholson. © 2021. 301 pages.
Traditional methods for addressing conflict and healing have been largely replaced in elite settings by modern approaches. Rather than old and new complementing one another, bias...
The Expression of Religion and Identity in International Funding: Gauging Levels of Awareness
Rebecca Nicholson. © 2021. 30 pages.
Donor preference is a significant component that can either promote or inhibit sustainable development results, yet the involvement of private donors in international development...