Ricardo Picón

Ricardo Picón is a Professor of Structural Engineering at Lisandro Alvarado University in Venezuela. He got a Civil Engineer Degree at Experimental University of the Armed Forces, Venezuela, in 1992, a Master’s degree in Structural Engineering in 2000, and the Doctoral degree in Applied Sciences in 2004 at the University of Los Andes, Venezuela. Professor Ricardo Picón was a postdoctoral scholar at Ferguson Structural Engineering Laboratory, University of Texas at Austin, in 2006. His research interests include experimental test to real scale in laboratory of reinforced concrete and steel structures. He co-directs Structural Mechanics Laboratory (LME), an experimental research institute at Lisandro Alvarado University, Venezuela.


Fracture and Damage Mechanics for Structural Engineering of Frames: State-of-the-Art Industrial Applications
Julio Flórez-López, María Eugenia Marante, Ricardo Picón. © 2015. 602 pages.
The certification of the structural integrity of buildings, bridges, and mechanical components is one of the main goals of engineers. For civil engineers especially...