Robert A. Cropf

Robert Cropf is an associate professor and the chair of the Department of Public Policy Studies at Saint Louis University. His recent publications include “Creating an Accelerated Joint BA-MPA Degree Program for Adult Learners” in the Journal of Public Affairs Education (Spring/Summer 2007) coauthored with Jennifer Kohler, and E-Government in Saudi Arabia: Between Promise and Reality” in the International Journal of Electronic Government Research (April-June 2008), coauthored with Maher Al-Fakhri, Patrick Kelly, and Gary Higgs. His textbook Public Administration in the 21st Century was published by Pearson-Longman in 2007. His research interests include e-government and e-democracy, urban government and politics, and public administration pedagogical theory.


ICT and E-Democracy
Robert A. Cropf. © 2009. 5 pages.
The virtual public sphere does not exist and operate the same everywhere. Every virtual public sphere is different because each country’s economic, social, political, and...